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about me


I am currently a Sales and Design Specialist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I first became interested in the Design field in high school after I became enamored with the Tiny House movement. I considered it the ultimate design challenge; how do you comfortably fit everything you need to live in such a small space? As I started drawing tiny house floor plans as a hobby, I realized I was just as interested in designing what went in the house as I was the actual architecture.

Since starting my journey with design, I have explored industrial design, interior design, and spacial planning. In my current role as a Sales and Design Specialist/Account Executive at MillerKnoll, I take pride in helping my clients reimagine and optimize their spaces in a way that works for them both functionally and visually. 

I am currently planning to relocate to Vancouver, BC in early 2024, and am seeking either an opportunity based in the area or a position that allows me to work remotely. Tell your friends.

professional interests (in no particular order):

  • tiny houses

  • furniture

  • interior design

  • children's toy design

  • housewares and lighting

  • education

hobbies/interests (in a very particular order):

  • fluffy dogs big and small

  • learning languages

  • miniatures (making and collecting)

  • geology

  • leatherworking

  • re-working broken items

  • dinosaurs

  • thrifting

  • not capitalizing words

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