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Gestational diabetes is a condition of pregnancy which affects millions of women each year and which puts sufferers and their unborn babies at an increased risk for numerous complications. To combat this condition, doctors use both a woman’s weight and her blood sugar to assess her chances of developing gestational diabetes and track her progress once she has the condition. Orbit aims to improve the process of tracking and monitoring with a scale which takes both the user’s weight and blood sugar readings and an integrative app which helps the user track and assess her progress throughout her pregnancy. The Orbit scale uses near-infrared spectroscopy to test the user’s blood sugar without the need for an invasive needle prick. The scale contains a layer of foam both for comfort and so the scale will mold to any foot, allowing the laser to push into the user’s arch for a more accurate reading. The partner app to the Orbit scale tracks not only glucose levels and weight, but allows the user to track her exercise, message her doctor and nutritionist, and get personalized diet and exercise plans from her providers as needed to help keep her on track.

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